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Why use ALTM Distribution hairnets?

When you choose ALTM Distribution hairnets, you opt for professional quality hairnet protection that meets health and safety standards current with all regulations, mandatory since the decree of September 29, 1997. ALTM Distribution manufactures, sells and distributes hairnets throughout France, ensuring all safety legislation is respected. 

ALTM Protection Hairnets are wrapped in individual tissue paper to protect each hairnet for optimal hygiene. Each hairnet sold ensures maximum hold, regardless of the hair length and thickness. Adjustable to all head shapes and sizes, it provides a secure fit using a latex-free elastic band that fully encompasses for unparalleled comfort and without leaving a trace after being removed. The hairnet thread and elastic that make up this new generation charlotte hairnet provide a discreet look for outstanding presentation to your customers and clients. For optimal storage and safe hairnet retrieval, store your protective hairnets in our very efficient wall-mounted plexiglass wall dispenser.

This secure storage unit ensures that your stock is well protected, away from dust and possible damage on the ground, compliant with current hygiene and cleanliness legislation. Our hairnet dispenser is a time-saving solution, allowing quick and efficient hairnet retrieval before beginning work.

This dispenser can be attached quickly and easily to any clean level wall support, using double-sided adhesive tape. Each hairnet dispenser can hold up to 140 hairnets. Thanks to the transparent plexiglass, you can see how many hairnets remain before running out, providing peace of mind and timely reloading. A practical and efficient solution for all companies, set up one or more hairnet dispensers where needed safely and affordably. 

How to properly use hairnets?

For proper application, we recommend using cleansed hands beforehand and to avoid touching the hairnet once it is in place. Our protective hairnet is intuitive to use but works best when appropriate care is used for perfect functionality. Carefully unwrap the hairnet discarding the tissue covering, and spread the elastic by placing both hands on the hairnet’s interior ends, pulling very lightly. Now you are ready to put it on your head, aligning the elastic at the border of your hairline. The stretchy latex-free elastic material and honeycomb weave make it very flexible, using very little force.


Make sure the mesh covers all of your hair. The elastic outline ensures that this black, brown or white mesh charlotte hairnet is soft to the touch, without the risk of it sliding throughout the day. The hairnet goes behind the ears, holding the hair neatly in place. For optimal safety, always dispose of your hairnet after each use.

Why trust our services?

For over a decade, ALTM Distribution has continued to abide by all hygiene and health regulations. We keep up-to-date with all regulatory information by way of new articles and adjust our products immediately if required. Our skilled team works diligently to ensure continued benefits for you year-round. Some of our offers include:

  • Sliding scale pricing year-round. Enjoy more savings the more you buy. Order two to ten boxes of 100 hairnets starting at € 18, up to a purchase of 10 boxes at € 65 tax not included.
  • Strict compliance with French hygiene regulations and standards so that you can conduct your business with peace of mind.
  • Latex-free hypoallergenic elastic hairnets
  • Black, brown or white hairnets, versatile hair colours matching
  • The elastic is strong enough to hold even loose stubborn strands. It is also possible to wear our professional hairnets with long or short-tied hair.
  • French and English customer service is available all week to assist you with your purchase and provide you with any information you might need, such as delivery information, ordering and purchasing questions, etc.
  • Quick and efficient handling and shipping of your hairnet order, providing immediate service to wherever you are in France.

Our unique hairnets are compliant with the HACCP method, no matter your business or industry affiliation. We produce quality products at attractive prices all year round.

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Who are ALTM Distribution products intended for?

With more than ten years of experience, our professional hairnet company has been responsible for the innovation, sale and shipment of our products in Paris and throughout France to various professionals. Among other notable sectors, we are entrusted to distribute to:

No matter your industry sector, if you need black, brown or white hairnets with assured safety and compliance, offering complete peace of mind, we have the solution for your business!

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