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Hairnet Dispenser

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Wall-Mounted Hairnet Dispenser

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To maintain pristine workplace conditions, we recommend that you purchase our hairnet dispenser. With this must-have accessory, our wall-mounted plexiglass dispenser provides incredibly user-friendly easy access to our high-quality black, brown or white hairnets while upholding mandatory hygiene standards in France.
With this accessory, you gain space and effective organization for accessing hairnets.

Product Specification

  • Double-sided adhesive tape used to adhere (allows quick and easy mounting on clean support)
  • Material: transparent plexiglass
  • Holds up to 140 hairnets


Your hairnet dispenser provides multiple features:

  • Excellent hygiene. Aside from being individually wrapped in tissue paper for added protection, placed high up, your black, white or brown hairnets are well-protected from dust and bacteria.
  • Safe storage and handling. Our dispensers ensure secure storage for your hairnets while remaining fully accessible to your employees. You can place up to 140 inside. Save warehouse space by ordering several hairnet dispensers and distribute them throughout your facility.
  • Know when to order more hairnets. Our transparent plexiglass dispenser allows for close monitoring enabling your employees to carry out their work efficiently and on time.
  • Users save precious time. Hairnets can be retrieved quickly with a simple gesture.
  • Easy to fasten. Thanks to the adhesive tape provided, you can attach your hairnet dispenser to any clean surface in a simple action with minimal effort. This practical dispenser solution can be placed in strategic places throughout your premises.

Whom are they intended for?

Our hairnet dispensers are designed for professionals requiring hairnets in compliance with the decree of September 29, 1997.

Our hairnets and dispensers are intended for the following:

  • Food industry,
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories,
  • Food processing zones,
  • Medical centres: hospitals, private clinics, practices, etc.
  • Hospitality and Restaurants,
  • Production plants, etc.

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As soon as ALTM Distribution has processed your hairnet dispenser order, one of our team members will send your order within 48 hours. You will also receive a same-day confirmation email with an attached invoice.


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ALTM Distribution is available to answer all of your questions about our hairnet dispensers and products. With more than ten years of experience in the hairnet market in North America, we offer personalized customer service in France weekdays, Monday – Friday.

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