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Hairnet – Box of 108

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Hairnet – Box of 108

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Box of 108 hairnets – Black / White / Brown

Sliding scale prices and free delivery in France

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The new generation of hairnets

ALTM Distribution recommends a box of 108 professional quality hairnets. For more than ten years, our company has offered its products to merchants and manufacturers in various sectors in North America. Today, we are delighted to serve Paris and deliver our products throughout France!

Technical Sheet

  • 100% nylon thread with a 20 denier count combines resistance and elasticity with guaranteed latex-free hypoallergenic composition.
  • The ‘honeycomb’ weave ensures scalp and hair breathability. Everyone can wear it every day without health risks.
  • Our product complies with the decree of September 29, 1997, which regulates mandatory hygienic rules for catering, food processing and production plants, hospitals and laboratories.
  • Unparalleled comfort and feeling of lightness all day long due to our latex-free elastic and flexible honeycomb weave.
  • Intuitive nature, ensuring optimal safety and health protection.
  • Our hairnet size is adaptable to suit all head shapes, providing a very malleable fit, making our product unique and easy to use.
  • Each box contains 108 professional hairnets arranged in an easy distribution package.
  • An innovative and unique hairnet.
  • We offer versatile hairnet colours, either in black, white or brown, allowing for a near-invisible look and clean presentation.

Our target market?

Our hairnet is perfect for professionals who work in various sectors respecting the decree of September 27, 1997, while our versatile colours (black, brown and white) meet professional aesthetic standards. We supply our hairnets to professionals in:

  • Restaurant and Hospitality sectors,
  • Hospitals, public and private practices,
  • Food processing areas,
  • Production plants,
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories.

Additional information


How best to use our hairnets

When you receive your box of hairnets, you can place them in our wall-mounted plexiglass wall
dispenser or put them in an area protected away from moisture, dust and dirt. 

We recommend washing your hands before use to ensure a clean application. Once you have
retrieved your hairnet from the box or dispenser, gently remove the protective tissue paper.
Open the hairnet using both hands, holding it firmly while placing it all around your head. Ensure
that all strands of hair are carefully placed inside the hairnet. For an ideal positioning, put the
hairnet 2 centimetres from your hairline and slide the net gently behind your ears.

Once in place, the elastic will not move and remains very soft to the touch throughout the day.


The delivery procedure

Once your product has been purchased using our online site, or with one of our team members, we will email you confirmation with the invoice summarizing your order. We ensure your package's delivery within 48 hours of ordering on our website to anywhere in France.


Ask our team for assistance!

Would you like to learn more about our black, white or brown hairnets and discover all the possibilities to best suit your needs? No matter your industry, our ALTM Distribution team remains at your disposal to answer all your questions Monday – Friday. Please speak with one of our team members at +33 01 83 42 58 47, or by email at or directly via our contact form.

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